About Kelly Campbell

I love selling Real Estate! The “Soup” comes from my last name and seemed a logical fit because of the many services I offer to clients; from residential real estate home sales (buyer and homeowner), to income property sales, to leasing, and relocating clients nationally – whether they are leaving my area of expertise or moving into it. I call it my “Real Estate Soup!”

There are many ingredients that make a real estate broker a professional and I pride myself on my dedication to quality customer service, integrity, and extensive knowledge having been in the real estate industry in California for over 30 years. Many of my clients come to me as referrals from family, friends & past clients – the best compliment possible.

I began my career in 1985 in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area, and I am now settled and nestled in the beautiful San Gabriel Valley area. I have extensive community knowledge in the cities in the San Gabriel Valley and Orange County, California.

I have obtained all Relocation Certifications in order to assist clients who are moving in to or out of the area. And, an important benefit if you are moving, I have relationships with top real estate brokers nationally, and assist buyers when they are interested in other states, counties or communities I do not serve. It is very helpful when they are connected to another full-time, professional Realtor on the first call.

So, when you decide that you'd like to buy or sell in California's San Gabriel Valley or Orange County area, or need real estate assistance of any kind, please contact me. I LOVE REFERRALS!